Berlin | 2022 July | Tech industry

full timeproducthealthcareui/uxdevmarketing

Product design focused on helping elders improve their mobility


Esteban was in charge of product concept, product management and product launch.

1. Research and Strategy

Analyzing the market conditions of Germany and the trends within European investment showed movement within digital healthcare. In this space, there's three types of startups: those that heal (outcome focused), those that support therapists (medically focused), those that change processes (technological focus).

A large underserved market was found amid physiotherapy professionals. Whose work is highly stressful and increasing documentation demands interrupt their day to day.

An opportunity to create a solution that simplifies this process via wearables and software integration was conceived. To develop the solution we spoke with therapists in different cities of Germany, Spain and India.

2. Product Design

Along with a team comprised of post-doc in Computer Science and a Biomedical Engineer we developed various products building parts of a larger solution.

Esteban held ongoing user interviews, designed product concepts and prepared startup approaches for 4 different potential products.

3. Launch

  • A concept demo was prepared for Startup Nights event in Berlin
  • A pilot project testing walking symmetry was prepared for Horus Prosthetics
  • A POGs demo was prepared for prosthetic therapists in Ukraine
  • Various demos were shown to physiotherapy and Parkinson therapists in Spain

Esteban participated in networking events, prepared presentations, designed the brand, other communications (website and blog), videos, and promotion through online and offline events.