Product & Brand Management

Helping you to create and market products for international audiences.

Product managed from concept to launch

Management of physical and digital products

Market research: Reports seeking a clear understanding of the user, target market and moment of use to create products that are easily adopted.

Product Design: An interative process seeking for product market fit by running on tests and gauging audience reaction.

Promotion: Getting the product to the right placement through business development, exports and promotion in international events.


Brand design that resonates

Make you brand stand out by emphasising your differenciation.

Brand design: Core elements to define a brand, including logo, isotype, typography, etc.

Corporate style: Defining communication in text, visual {photography, illustration, graphic design} video and audio.

Applications: From merchandise, to menus, packaging and decoration.

Branding Project

International Background

+15 years of experience over 5 different countries working in B2B and B2C in tech and the food industry.

Educated in the UK, Spain and work experience in Europe, LATAM and Asia.

Horizontal skills focused on product design: business, graphic design, marketing and management.

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