Seoul | 2021 March | Tech industry

full timebiz devaiui/uxdev

Product Manager @ Shush. Focused on reducing online toxicity using AI

Shush curbs abuse in communications by detecting language that can cause harm. It aims to increase diversity online and protect minorities, women and kids.

Product Management

In charge of product concept, product management and product launch.

Market Research

While researching the gaming industry a problem kept coming up in many reports: Toxicity.

To develop our solution we spoke with companies (from small to market leaders) in the gaming industry through referrals, events and cold contacts.

Along with a team comprised of NLU and ML engineers and using existing open source technology we created: Shush CM.

Shush CM

I project managed the dev team while solution went through various stages:

concept| test case (local )| test case (cloud) | API + front-end | alpha


Shush CM has a discord integration that sends information to the API.

The recording is shown in a JAMStack front-end which I developed using reactJS.

I also developed two integrations for Zendesk:

  • As an API call from the front-end
  • As a packaged Zendesk app using Javascript

Korean startup

As a startup with only months of existence:

  • We obtained the preStartup Package from Hanyang University
  • We participated in the Global Acceleration Program that paired us with Beijing's leading accelerator: Innoway
  • We participated in the K-Startup Program 2021 (<3% selection rate)
  • We also participated in other programs: Next Unicorn, SNU's Herero, etc.

Other tasks

I participated in various programs (including pitching and networking), prepared the presentations, designed the brand, other communications (website and blog), and promotion through online and offline events.